Period January – June 2022

Artilugio Residencia invites you to participate in the call for artistic residencies for production, research, and curation. The program is aimed at  artists, cultural managers, curators, designers, and researchers to work and live in Oaxaca Mexico, for a minimum period of 25 days and a maximum of 45 days.


The residence is a space for reflection and dialogue between local and international cultural agents.


We are interested in developing interaction and building fraternities based on coexistence and the exchange of knowledge between producers from multiple geographies and cultures.


The study house is located in the community of Santo Domingo, Etla, Oaxaca, by 20 minutes  from the Historic Center of the city and 10 minutes from the San Agustín Arts Center, at a meeting point for local artists and producers with several proposals, making this space a fundamental point of cultural practices in the región.


We believe that the cultural community is basic in the development of our lives, for that reason we collaborate with artists, producers, and local and international cultural centers that build an exchange network. This opens a multidisciplinary opportunity in which the residency acts as a mediator between interested people in a specific practice and local creatives.


 Artilugio Residencia aims to be a meeting and working point, where the participants live immersed within the cultural regional  activity based on practice, reflection, and constant research.


  • Material not included. 


Recidences for creators : This residency is aimed at artists, designers and people related to artistic and cultural production. Starting from this residency, we invite you all to develop the project proposed by the resident.


Reserch residence : It is aimed at researchers, theorists, historians, journalists, managers and curators. A  proposal of investigation will be developed that studies sectors, producers or involves the local scene. 


The residency's results will be shown to the community through a conversatory, workshop or monthly presentation,  adding to the active artistic life of Oaxaca.


Artists, researchers, curators, designers and people with similar profiles can apply.


Send a PDF document to with the following information:


Personal data: name, DNI / NIE,  Passport number, email, city, country, date of birth.

Dates in which you wish to carry out the residency (consider 3 dates as alternatives)

CV and detailed biography (maximum two pages)

10 images of your previous work or  link with  productions or previous researches.

Page or portfolio link.

Note: the images should not exceed 900kb, It is recommended that the images have a measurement of 1200px on their longest side.


Each resident has a room and a single study room (we have a room for two persons if you work in couple or colective)


Shared study room  where you can find work tolos.

Common areas : 2 bathrooms, kitchen,living room, dinning room. 

Plus a large green area for recreation. 

The house is in a quiet environment, perfect for reflection and concentration on personal goals.

Participants will develop a diary from the medium that suits them best, in order to spread the work carried out.

Residents will have a specific schedule that includes tours, presentations, talks and study visits.

Letters of invitation will be send to residents selected.


Participants: The residence has a maximum capacity of 5 people per month and is open the months of : January - February - March - April - May – June.

Invertion : USD 1000 (25 days) 1700 (45 days)

*Investment for couples or groups (share room) USD 1500 (25 days) 2200 (45 days)




Transportation from the airport to the residence  on arrival and departure from the residence to the airport.

Single bedroom. 

24-hour access to workshops.

Individual workshop and a collective workshop



Dinning room

Snaks ( coffee, mezcal, seasonal fruit) 

Project monotoring 

Curatorial program.

Promotion and diffusion of the processes and results of the residency.


Does not include.


Transportation costs to and from the place of residence.

Local transport costs.

Travel expenses. 





Important dates

Implementation: December 10th 2021 to January 17th 2022


Notification of the selected projects: January 20th.


Receipt of payment or prepayment of 50% from the publication of results

COVID situation

Faced with the unstable situation in which we are living, We ask you  to choose 2 tentative dates for your stay.

We keep in constant communication for any inconvenience.


The prepayment is not refundable. 

  • Payment methods.



For the commission of using the Paypal transfer, of the total will be paid an extra 5%